What is the purpose of the profile on the Dollars for Scholars website?

The profile is a master scholarship application that you can submit for national scholarships and our local Charles City Dollars for Scholars scholarships. Our website also allows you to opt in and match your profile data with 1.5 million scholarship listings from Fastweb, a free online scholarship matching service.    Scholarship matches will be posted on your "My Scholarships" page and you will then be able to submit your profile as an application for those scholarships.   Your profile will also serve as a central place to store all your information where it will be easily accessed when needed for completing paper scholarship applications

Why can't I use my school email address for my profile? 

Your school email address will no longer be valid after you have graduated.  If you started your profile with your school email address, just edit your email address on your profile.


Does my profile need to be complete or show 100% on the progress bar before I can match to national scholarships?

Your progress bar will show 100% completion when all single starred (*) and double starred (**) items are complete.  The information contained in your profile allows the website to match you to Fastweb scholarships.  To increase your chances of a match, your profile should be as complete as possible.


What national scholarships will be available on this website?

The information in your profile determines which scholarships you will be matched to.  A comprehensive profile will increase your chances of matching to a FastWeb scholarship.  You will need to establish a FastWeb account to have access to this information, just follow the link on our website.


How do I match to scholarships and submit my profile? 

Click in the "My Scholarships" section of your Profile Dashboard to see which scholarships you match to.  This page manages your scholarship applications by listing possible scholarship matches, allows you to submit your profile for those scholarships and keeps a log of scholarships applications submitted.  Check this page frequently as the scholarship list will be constantly changing as the individual application periods open and close.


.One of my national scholarship matches requires the name of local Dollars for Scholars official and an email address for a reference, where can I find this information?

You will find this information on the Chapter Contact section of our website.  Brad McKenzie is our President and the email is


Do I have to complete all the sections of the profile if I only wish to apply for a local Charles City Area Dollars for Scholars Scholarship?  I am not interested in applying for any national scholarships.

To take advantage of all possible scholarship opportunities, we highly recommended that you complete the entire profile.  For local scholarships, the information on the profile is used to generate the points used in scoring the applications. Completing all the sections of the profile increase your chances of scoring maximum points.