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We are pleased that students in the Charles City area can take advantage of a new partnership between Scholarship America®, the parent organization to Charles City Area Dollars for Scholars, and Fastweb, the leading website for scholarship and financial aid information owned by Monster Worldwide, Inc., parent company of

All students who create a profile through our website will be able to opt in and match their data with roughly 1.5 million other scholarship listings from Fastweb. Up to this point, matches were limited to scholarships from Charles City Area Dollars for Scholars and other Scholarship America programs. In addition, if you meet the applicant criteria for a Fastweb scholarship,upload any additional requirements, such as an essay, and submit your profile to apply for the scholarship!  No need to complete an additional application form.

"One Stop Shop" for Scholarships!

The new partnership between Scholarship America and Fastweb is literally a million-scholarship upgrade for local students. Students who fill out just one profile through our website will be matched not only to our chapter opportunities for scholarships, but to every eligible opportunity through Fastweb's database. We're thrilled to have a 'one-stop shop' for Charles City area students to use for their scholarship search and application.

If you have any questions about Fastweb or need assistance matching your profile to Fastweb scholarship opportunities, please contact us at