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Step 1 - Create an account.

Students should use a permanent email address, not their school email address, when registering on this site.

If you have already started a profile using your school email, just edit your email address on the basic information section of your profile.  Remember to use your new email address the next time you log-in.  We need a permanent email address to maintain contact with you after your high school graduation.  


Step 2 - Build your profile.  You will complete information in the following areas:

Basic and additional information

School information

Academic information

Activities, employment and awards

Goals and Aspirations Essay - REQUIRED

Unusual Circumstances Essay - OPTIONAL 

 Check our  Profile FAQ   and Scholarship FAQ  pages for additional information. 

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Complete your profile accurately and thoroughly; scoring for Dollars for Scholars scholarships will be based on the information you provide.   Check out our Profile Checklist!

After your profile is complete, navigate to the "My Scholarships" page by clicking the "Search for Scholarships" button on your dashboard.  Answer the eligibility questions to discover which scholarships you match to.  Carefully review your profile before submitting for a scholarship. Once you apply for a scholarship, you cannot modify your profile for that scholarship.  If your profile needs to be modified you will need to contact Kathy Herrick at 641-228-7967.


Guidance for Goals Essay Questions

GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS ESSAY            State your goals as to your education and future career and describe your plan to accomplish these goals. Explain what circumstances have affected your decision to pursue further education in your chosen major and how you have prepared for these studies.  (250 words or less) THIS ESSAY IS REQUIRED


UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES ESSAY           Describe any obstacles or difficulties you have overcome or expect to encounter in the future.    Obstacles or difficulties may include recent personal tragedy, illness, disability, divorce or other family issues, parental unemployment, financial need, etc.  Basically any unusual circumstances you would like us to take into consideration.  This essay is NOT required. (250 words or less)


Parental consent is required if student  is under 16 at time of application.  A parent will need a different email address than their child's to log into the student's profile to give consent. 


Students and Parents: Click below to log into the ChapterNet Student Dashboard