Why should you consider a contribution to Charles City Area Dollars for Scholars?

Students today are struggling to finance their post secondary education.  According to Scholarship America, 57% of today's college graduates owe $23,800 or more! With the total of all student debt in the United States surpassing car and consumer debt combined,  some economists are predicting that student loan debt will be the next major issue for the US economy. 72% of Iowa students take out student loans - the fourth highest in the nation! With an average student loan debt of $28,750,  Iowa college graduates rank sixth in the nation for college debt according to College Insight rankings. 


The goal of Charles City Area Dollars for Scholars  is to provide scholarships to help bring area students closer to realizing their dreams.  We believe that any sincere and determined person should have the opportunity for continued education after high school.  Scholarships can be awarded for two-year, four-year, or vocational and technical schools.  Applications are scored by trained volunteers and scholarships are awarded anonymously based upon the following areas:  Academic achievements, leadership, ACT/SAT score, community service, work experience and need.  100% of donations received will go toward student scholarships!