Floyd Area Scholarship Endowment Fund Is Established


As of January 1, 2014 the Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Floyd will no longer exist under the name of Floyd Dollars for Scholars.  Because of some recent initiatives from Scholarship America, the Floyd group needed to find a home for the Floyd scholarship fund.The Floyd Area Scholarship Endowment Fund has now been established and is a separate fund under the management of the Charles City Area Dollars for Scholars.  Scholarships will be awarded just like they have been in the past.  New and future contributions to the scholarship fund should be made payable to the Floyd Area Scholarship Endowment Fund. Applications for scholarship can be made by completing the student profile on this website.




The Floyd scholarship fund was started in the late 1980's by an initiative led by then Mayor Dean Vokes.  Perhaps comments from Curt Trygstad, Area Director for Scholarship America, Dollars for Scholars says it best … "I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that you are so close to arriving at a workable solution that will insure that the original vision of Mayor Vokes will be sustained for many years to come.  Dean was the one who gathered the original group of local citizens to learn about Dollars for Scholars and determine if it was a viable way for the citizens of Floyd to rally in support of local students.  That certainly was a memorable evening for me, as I watched and heard Dean explain to almost 25 members of the community, that it was something that they needed to do.  He stressed that because the community no longer had a school, it was essential to demonstrate their belief in the importance of education and that every student should and could reach their full potential by continuing their education beyond high school.  As that evening progressed, it became clear that the community shared Dean's vision and that they wanted to come together in order to provide the encouragement and financial support that many students need to pursue a postsecondary education.  Before the end of that evening, the group had adopted bylaws, elected officers, formed committees, signed an affiliation agreement and actually began developing plans to further engage the community and to begin raising funds for scholarships.  That evening, as I drove away from Floyd, all I could think was "WOW."  I had never seen a community come together so quickly and make a commitment to raise awareness, money and support for local students.  It truly was an impressive and memorable evening. In light of Dean's strong support in the Dollars for Scholars program, it seems only fitting that another Dollars for Scholars chapter is able to step up to help sustain his vision for local students."

Check here for details on scholarships available through this fund!